NowPlatform Blog ran by SPOC a ServiceNow Partner in Central Europe

SPOC is an IT Software Development company dedicated to the ServiceNow Now Platform. We specialize in complex Enterprise management projects, including custom ServiceNow Applications.

The team has been supporting clients with ServiceNow projects for over 8 years. It is easy to see great potential in this technology and we would like more people in Poland and across Europe to think as we do.

The goal of the Mr.SPOC Blog site is to create a community and share the knowledge and expertise of SPOC’s professionals.

The Page is split into three separate paths –

  1. Technical Posts 
  2. Project Management Masters 
  3. General & Platform

As a ServiceNow partner, SPOC offers accredited training, design and implementation services and ongoing support. These services are delivered by an incredible team of over 60 people.

The team of experienced ServiceNow specialists includes:

Our ServiceNow teams work with clients throughout the entire project. Helping to maximise the value of the NowPlatform, often extending the possibilities of the ServiceNow OOTB modules.

Following a project, SPOC helps to manage and maintain the platform and optimise its usage.

All work is done following ServiceNow best practices, with the experience of many years of successful implementations.

SPOC offers services in Poland as well as abroad, delivering projects in countries across Europe.


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