Building ServiceNow applications is a great way for your business to save money and improve service delivery

ServiceNow is the reigning market leader in the ITSM solution market. For 5 years the objective researcher and advisor Gartner, has placed ServiceNow as the lead provider in their Magic Quadrant for ITSM.

The company also scores very well across the main processes they support. These include – Customer Service, Security Operations, Human Resources and Building Applications – Read the report why ServiceNow has been made a leader in the magic quadrant.

All the processes share one common platform infrastructure. They also utilise powerful tools such as Workflow, Notifications, Integrations and a shared DataSet.

The infrastructure and architecture of the ServiceNow platform perfectly supports enterprise-wide service management. This covers all applications used to deliver requests and services to users. See some of these feature here on the Demo Site.The advantages of building applications on ServiceNow's NowPlatform

Is everyone Taking Advantage of the NowPlatform?

It seems the biggest ‘missed opportunity’ for NowPlatform customers is the platform itself.

Why? How Can Companies Benefit?

We think it’s fair to hypothesise that the majority of customers would like to:

  1. Increase their return on investment with the NowPlatform
  2. Speed up their digital transformation journey (For the mature companies needing to make this transformation)

The platform gives customers the opportunity to do this.

How ServiceNow takes advantage themselves:  

Building ServiceNow Applications even helped ServiceNow

Customers can improve the user experience they provide. Speed up digital transformation and make huge leaps in ROI growth. All by building new applications or replacing existing legacy tools; such as Lotus Notes.

By taking advantage of the system’s capabilities, companies can easily create solutions specific to their unique processes and requirements.

Building ServiceNow Applications can be done on two levels –
  1. Now Code / Low Code
    1. The development of applications can be covered by internal resources with strong process and domain knowledge. They don’t need to be able to code, as they utilise simple drag and drop features to build workflows and process steps.
  2. Professional Development
    1. On the same platform, the coding wizards can create awesome, user-friendly applications that pack terrific value. Sometimes replacing multiple legacy applications at once.

Another very significant point is the financial aspect of developing applications. Customers don’t pay for the applications until they are successfully completed and moved to the production environment!

This means that they are able to play, test and explore opportunities for business improvement. All without incurring the investment of hosting an application.

Endless Possibilities

There are many ways NowPlatform applications can help. Looking at the image below. You can see there is an enormous number of features. The image is complicated but is provided to clarify the fact there are many items users can benefit from.NowPlatform Functions for Building ServiceNow Applications There are some fantastic facts and figures for you to ponder.

The conclusion must be that creating custom, NowPlatform applications has to be worth real consideration.

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