The weary junior was slain with a final swipe from the experienced master. Her composure and dedication to her craft; focused into the final blow that would end all battles between….

The Master Slaying The JuniorOk, ok this is a little over the top! It’s not how we compete at SPOC. However, there is an element of fantasy and gamification to our work. Specifically in the area of personal and professional development.

Like all companies, our staff must be trained and progress their skills on a regular basis. This is very important while working with a platform like ServiceNow.

Our Tinkers, Techies, Wizards & Witches should hone their skills and spells to be as effective as possible.

Protecting the customer’s kingdom, from the onslaught of manual processes and repetitive tasks.

To help this quest and to keep everyone updated with SPOC’s army prowess, we’ve created …(drum roll please) The Competency Matrix!! 

That’s the last of the exaggerations, promise!

SPOC’s Competency Matrix

A gamified version of a standard training and competency skill list, built as an application on ServiceNow.

It allows each employee to create their own avatar based profile, where they can track professional development.

(Image of Prototype Solution)

SPOC's Competency Matrix Example

Their progress can be mapped against other avatars in the same profession, bringing a competitive spirit to the workplace.

The progress of each avatar can be viewed in a league table, showing the different teams, such as; Developers, Technical Consultants, Project Managers etc.

The other benefit of this application is that the Project Leaders can view their team’s competencies.

They’re able to review who would best suit the upcoming project work, and where we may have skill gaps.

The CM is growing and improving. It’s still in its infancy, but the forthcoming release will bring an additional dimension to the working environment; especially from the skills development aspect.

SPOC's Competency Matrix

Note from the Developer – Michal

Creating the Competency Matrix is an interesting challenge. On one hand, it’s an application and on the other, it’s a game.

It has to be an application for obtaining the specific information but ideally an interesting game, with a friendly and fun interface for the user.

The most exciting issue for me is to create the entire application logic; including all the dependencies between elements. This can be difficult, especially as the range of possibilities is huge.

For Krzysztof my co-worker, the challenge was to implement “Dungeons & Developers” (The Front End). It turned out that there is a conflict between ‘AngularJS’ used by ServiceNow and ‘Knockout’ necessary for “Dungeons & Developers”.

Krzysztof was able to find a way out of the tricky situation, which gave him great satisfaction.

We hope that the application we create will bring benefits to the functioning of our company, while our colleagues will be able to use (play) it with a smile.

Begin Your Fantasy

Would you like to join your own fantasy reality world? Getting the support of a mentor to help you on the expedition of expansion to unified professional perfection?…. Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Seriously, if you have an interest in:

#JavaScript #QualityManagement #ProjectManagement #ITSM #ServiceNow #Cloud

Or, you would like to consider a career change, with the help of a supportive team, please reach out.

See you in SPOC land. ?


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