As we mentioned in previous article the machine learning and predictive analytics gives us more efficient managing of resources and business services. All of this to prevent the incidents and outages. Here is where we introduce predictive analytics applications and dashboards. Many companies have developed different applications based on machine learning. These applications vary from industry used in. We may use them in government, education, federal, technology etc. Let’s see some real examples:

1 – Eliminate Outage

Business Challenge

Outages has a negative impact on customers, partners, and employees. This results in financial loss and damage to company reputation. Now days the cloud computing is dominating the market. Infrastructures are going Agile, flexible, dynamic. That’s why we need smart software that not only to reduce outages but even to predict and prevent them.


We go from traditional monitoring world of “command & control” to a new world of “sensing & responding” by using analytics, intelligence, prevention etc.  But how do we lead to this? With ServiceNow, eliminate outages with a service-aware approach.


Here we see the probability that an outage will happen during next 30 min. If we click the screen we will be seeing in more details the root cause of outage, business impact, alerts timeline and a guide of fixing this outage.

outage 3


2 – Resolving Security Threads fast

Business Challenge:

Modern organizations must keep a vigilant eye on the cyber security day by day and to react as fast as possible. From Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to the Incident handler, and security team there is a long journey. They must collaborate and work together to intercept and eliminate intruders, hackers, and malwares across their network. Out-dated means of communications, collaborations and orchestration limit them.


In this example, we will see how ServiceNow connects Security leaders with everything they need. To establish effective control and drive rapidly security incident resolution. They must track the evolution of their security over time.



3- Improve Customers Service

Business Challenge:

When it comes to having trouble using a product or a service, the resolution response must be fast and effective to solve the customers problem.

Companies invest huge amount of money in customer services and help desks to provide the best experience and help. The key here is time, and time is translated into costs and the client satisfaction is mandatory. So, to have a balance on the quality of the service and cost, ServiceNow comes in help. By using an intelligent and intuitive software the customer will be able to check and solve the problem faster. Everything must be in a single screen.


Using Customer Service Management, you can empower effortless and connected experiences that drive real outcomes where the customer is central to the journey. The application gives possibility to self-check the status of device or product, analyse it and show you multiple ways to fix it. By using Knowledge base or by scheduling an appointment with the technician. Improving customer service is the goal of every company and organisation.



4- New Hire Application

Business Challenge:

Let’s suppose that a company is hiring more than 400 employees around all offices during this year. That kind of growth puts tremendous pressure and effort on any organization. If this process will not be right, the company might have a negative impression on new hires. Many of us use devices and we are so connected with them. Why not to create an experience of new hires based on ServiceNow and HR process. How to make it easy, fun and user-friendly for the new hires.


This is all about reimagining HR and the whole new employee experience in a digital consumer world. Implementing ServiceNow modules such as HR Service management, Knowledge Management, Live Feed, Service Catalog, Connect, Assets we can achieve something like this.  Here is a new experience shown below.


Here was a collection of 4 examples related to predictive analytics and how to use it for building interactive and intelligent applications using ServiceNow.