The world of work looks completely different, compared to just 10 years ago (probably even less). The way some HR teams are adapting is really interesting…

HR Change Adaptation

With the influx of new technologies, devices & applications, which are all available to the majority of young people, you can see a clear trend change in people’s approach to work and life in general.

People are not prepared to settle. Workers want to be fulfilled and satisfied with their daily work. They’re not happy to accept mediocracy. If they don’t feel their company is cutting it, they change the workplace. If they don’t think their boss is up to scratch, they look to find a new one.

What Is the Trigger to HR Changes?

Look at the applications, the mass of data and information that is available. Using their smart devices, people can compare and see the latest trends and alternative options all the time, wherever they are. This isn’t just with work but everywhere you look, in all areas of life – dating, eating out, watching a film, picking a holiday, buying a car, purchasing an item online etc.

In every situation, a seed is planted… ‘there is something better’.

With this knowledge, companies looking to employ staff and more importantly, retain them once they’ve been trained, need to align with people’s expectations.

This means the employee experience at work has to be positive. This starts from the first impression during the recruitment phase, progressing to the learning and support while they’re in the role.

The manual, repetitive, paper and excel based processes of yesteryear just won’t suffice for the new demands.

Businesses need to automate processes, streamline work, remove unnecessary bottlenecks. The processes must evolve during this change revolution. If not, businesses will fall behind, lose ground on the competition and see profits affected.

HR Process Optimisation in ServiceNow

Many organisations recognise this and are changing accordingly. Others are aware but they’re so big, bureaucratic and political that change is damagingly slow.

Alexander Mann Solutions (AMS), a leading provider of talent acquisition and management are one of the companies proactively improving things for their business and the customers they are serving.

An example of solution they’re using for Offer and Onboarding Processes – see case study here.

Human Relations is a key cog in the new business model. Together with internal marketing teams, they can alter the perception of a company in the eyes of both candidates and its current employees. Although technology is improving at least for the moment, the employees are needed so the role is very important.