What do IT & Facilities Have in common?

IT & Facilities both have a huge impact on the experience of a new starter joining a company and the requests they make once they start.

With improvements in software systems and the devices available to users, new employees now expect to be able to track and manage their requests and orders all the time.

This expectation comes from the experiences we’re presented with on a daily basis. Whether we’re ordering an Uber, purchasing gifts from Amazon or tracking parcels we’ve posted. As consumers, we expect visibility into the entire process.

Taking Uber or other similar services that are now offered by numerous suppliers. We can order our lift and track the driver’s progress in real-time on our mobile device.

Compare this to the process of receiving an update on a broken Air Conditioning unit. You may have sent an e-mail to your colleagues in the facilities team but you have no insight as to when the Engineer will attend the office and more importantly when you will be warmed back up!

The Perfect Start

I mentioned the New Starter process. This is a fantastic opportunity for a company to make a great impression. IT and Facilities have the prospect to work together. The can:

  • Issue equipment
  • Organise security access
  • Assign an Office
  • Provide a desk & stationary equipment
  • Etc…

These are all tasks that need collaboration.

IT & Facilities Provide the Modern Office

If executed correctly, this can make a lasting impression on the employee. It shows them they’re a valued member of the team and they’re able to get straight to work and focus on doing their job.

In all honesty, is this the experience of most new people starting work?

It’s more likely that a new starter has to chase many of the needed items and will grow quickly frustrated with the entire process.

IT & Facilities Don’t Just Improve Existing Processes

There is also huge potential for strategic improvement in this area.

With the possibility of harnessing the IoT, there can be a deeply integrated service offering between facilities and IT. They can act proactively to prevent issues from occurring, or catch potential failures at the earliest opportunity.

IT & Facilities connecting devices, people and processesDepending on the organisation in question, this could be something related to an Office Building and the Critical Services needed to keep it functioning – Lighting, Heating, Air Conditioning, Fire Alarm etc. For Manufactures and Producers, it could be Production Lines, Storage Facilities, Deliveries, Stock Control etc…

Thankfully, Cloud-based Enterprise Management Platforms are helping IT and Facilities integrate and break down barriers.

The silos and departmentalised Business Services are transformed into a connected Enterprise. Done with the help of:

  • Collaboration tools
  • Automated workflow between teams
  • Self-service platforms
    • Incl – Improved request management and knowledge bases.

The modern business is much better equipped to tackle this challenge. There are fantastic opportunities for improvement.

There is a great example of how to do this from Cern, the European Centre for Nuclear Research. They have not just broken the barriers between IT and Facilities. They have created fully connected systems providing value in many ways. This slightly dated video clip still shows the value.