When developing and creating improvements on the Now Platform, it’s extremely important that you properly manage your ServiceNow update sets.

If you’re generating a lot of update sets it can become rather time-consuming to download them and organise them properly.

For this reason, we created a simple application that allows you to speed up this process and reduce your frustration.

For a limited time, you will be able to download this application for free. Claim your version here.

Once you’ve downloaded your application, use these steps to get started.

Step by Step Process to use your ServiceNow Update Sets Application

  1. Once you commit the application to your ServiceNow environment, you will find the new module under the Update Sets application:SPOC's ServiceNow Update Set Management Application
  2. When you select ‘Update Sets Backup’ you will be directed to the following screen:Downloading Your ServiceNow Update Sets With SPOC's Application
  3. Finally, you can choose which update sets you want to download depending on their status. The download will be a zip archive with segregated XML’s (one catalogue for each selected status).


That’s all – We hope it makes your life a little bit easier.