Since ServiceNow has been around, technology and innovation has been growing very fast. This fast growing brings the need for more new services and applications. Release by release ServiceNow adds new functionalities and improve the existing ones. Not far from now we have been playing around with Istanbul version since the release of it in Jan 2017. Now we are using and working on some functionalities presented in this release.
Such as: Benchmark, Application Portfolio Management, Automated Testing framework and other improvements. ServiceNow for the first time has created a new strategy and method to organise and categorise the services.  Products and applications now are splinted into Solutions like: IT, Security, HR, Customer Support, and Business Apps. These tracks consist of many applications respectively. The new release is called Jakarta and it will be available soon. This article will aim to show a brief overview of new functionalities and changelogs.  Jakarta release will have 6 new applications and around 30 major Enhancements Drive. Improvements such as performance and user Experience, Expanded capabilities for HR, Security and Customer Services, Cloud management and Assets Management.  Key feature will be increased performance like forms load up to 37% faster and lists load up to 25% faster. This means working faster than ever before. For the first time will be a guided feature included in ServiceNow. Guided Tour Designer will speed up end-user productivity by creating customizable page-based tour. You can create step by step guides across multiple aspects of the system including by user role, multiple page process, and multiple topics per page. It will be included in enterprise platform and it will be active by default.


Benchmarking is reengineered by using 10 new KPI to measure how your IT organisation is doing as compare to others. So, if you look to your goals, your goals compared to industries goals, and that’s where you do the comparison and where you step. One of the biggest advantage is that all the data for all ServiceNow customers are stored in cloud. In this way, the users may compare their performance and response time with others in same industry.

With Jakarta, customers will get 7 new ITSM and 3 CMDB Health KPIs (a total of 16 KPIs including the 6 from the previous release). They will also could change the condition of these KPIs to match the customizations in their environment.

Here are the new KPIs that will be included with Jakarta:

  • Service Catalog: % Request Closed with SLA
  • Change: Average time to close a change type
  • Change: % of Emergency changes
  • Problem: Average time to close a problem
  • Problem: % of high priority problem

Benchmarks application is available at no charge to customers.

Predictive Alerts

Service Outages continue to occur when IT is surprised by failures that could have been predicted. Usually IT teams don’t like to wait for problems to happen before they act. They need some solutions that will continually collect data from existing systems and determine where the problem might occur so they can mobilize before the outage. With Jakarta release, there is an enhanced Even Management system with machine learning capabilities called Operational Intelligence. New systems using machine algorithms are included and implemented to provide predictive alerts and intelligent response. The overall result consists on a predictive approach to improve service availability.


SAM plug-in delivers just basic framework which helps to discover and follow software assets. New solution has capabilities to make analyses in which compares used and owned assets with vendor agreements. By using the old SAM module, is impossible to make this analyses. If client wants them, he needs to integrate ServiceNow with external SAM system, to develop their own solution or to use Excel spreadsheets. Therefore, implementing new ServiceNow SAM module is easier, it does not need integration with other systems and costs of maintenance the other software are excluded. Key advantage is that ServiceNow SAM module is one, complex solution which support management of whole software asset life cycle. It does not only can find the problem but also assist in their resolution process.

Trusted Security Circles

Companies would like to share and receive threat intelligence information’s with their suppliers, peers, and others for purpose for keeping themselves and their partners safer. In Jakarta, there is a new application called Trusted Security Circles to allow organisation to share threat intelligence data with others. All sharing is performed with very strict policy control configurable when a customer join a Trusted Security Circle.