The Importance of ServiceNow Support Services

For a Business, the successful implementation of ServiceNow is imperative. It’s also very important to manage the ServiceNow platform once the system is in operation.

Each organisation manages this differently. Some have an internal team responsible for the administration and service requests relating to the platform, only seeking external assistance with enhancements and change requests.

In contrast, other companies prefer to rely on partners to assist more fully with their needs. This may range from basic system administration to full lifecycle management and continual service improvements to the system.

SPOC is aware that each company has different preferences. Therefore, the approach we take supporting customers will change depending on their needs and setup.

The image below represents a holistic view of the services available. The support team will work with a prospective client to work out which elements they will require.SPOC's ServiceNow Support ServicesTo improve satisfaction, SPOC’s support team and the customer will review progress on a frequent basis. Together, we track the effort spent and the range of tasks completed. This helps determine whether the support coverage is covering all the needs.

SPOC favours this flexible approach as it represents a partnership rather than just a service agreement. The team understands that needs will change, expectations always alter and a partnership is better suited to adjust.

SPOC’s ServiceNow support team provides services to a number of clients. Most of whom consume the services slightly differently. What does stay consistent is the approach of the team and their values.

SPOC’s support department is headed by Milena, who runs a dedicated, compact support team. The individuals have varying experience and skills required for delivering the ServiceNow services. The team offers a conscientious, tailored service to each client they support.

An overview from Milena on the work of the support team 

Work within the Support Team is varied and challenging. However, it provides an opportunity for each team member to perform lots of different activities.

The support team consists of developers and consultants. Everyone is actively involved in solving customer issues and designing new, effective solutions. It’s not a case of responding to only small tasks. The work can involve architecture preparation and advanced implementations.

Customer satisfaction is very important for us. Thus, we give continual, dedicated focus to the methods which can improve the quality of services provided by SPOC.

As the Service Desk Team Leader, I nurture and maintain our relationships with customers. I must propose new functionalities and try to be as creative as possible. Every customer demands an attentive interest from our side.

My work is a combination of programming, managing my team and maintaining business contacts.  The role requires me to:

  • Coordinate my team’s work
  • Upgrade processes on the customer’s instance
  • Manage solution uploads to the production environment
  • Maintain and improve client relations

VEOLIA One of SPOC’s ServiceNow Clients 

One of the main customers we partner is Veolia, the global leader in optimized resource management.

Working alongside Veolia’s ITSM Centre of Excellence (CoE), SPOC’s Support Team is primarily responsible for request fulfilment comprising mostly of Service Catalog maintenance including new and amended items, translations, SLA definitions and bulk data imports. All supporting 21 business units across 46 countries.

The CoE worked with us to understand and adopt their internal processes and methodology to ensure we had all the tools available to work seamlessly with the rest of the team.

SPOC has been working with Veolia, for over 18 months, during which time we have built strong working relationships at all levels.

SPOC’s team participates in quarterly team meetings held by the Veolia ITSM CoE. During these sessions; all team members share their thoughts on the work completed, including the functionalities implemented. This helps to increase awareness of the skills and the personalities of team members.A Support Partnership between SPOC & Veolia As a result, the relationship continues to grow and evolve so much so that we feel we are now more than a vendor, we are business partners who can work together on interesting, worldwide solutions.

Due to our cooperation, the waiting time for solutions has shortened. Internal customers are more satisfied because requestors are kept updated. Requestors are also actively involved in the testing of the prepared Items. This helps ensure all the requirements are delivered.

I’m glad that we have customers like Veolia. The partnership allows us to learn from each other and to get the best out of the ServiceNow platform.