The Number 1 Most Innovative Company!

This isn’t a bad tagline to have applied to your company, better still it’s not just a popularity contest.

ServiceNow, the Enterprise Management Specialists have come out on the top spot, during the recent ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’ ranking by Forbes.

The list itself is prepared using a number of criterions that aim to measure a company’s current level of innovation and the ability to be innovative in the future.

You can read more about the research done by Forbes on The Innovator’s DNA website.

Some of the aspects measured include; Existing Cash Flow plans (without any growth) this, along with the Net Present Value (NPV) of those cash flows is then compared with the total current Enterprise Value…. ? It gets quite complicated and there are many better and more informed people than me who can explain this process, so I won’t try. ?

If you would like to read about this further, The Innovator’s DNA (Harvard Business Press, 2011), written with Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen will describe everything in great detail.

This article by Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen will also highlight the main points for those who are interested.

Moving Away From The Technicalities….

This acknowledgement is great for ServiceNow and others on the list. Reading the facts around this story you will also come across Fred Luddy, the current Chairman of the Board and original founder of ServiceNow and his real-life Cinderella-esque story.

Fred went from being bankrupt to an ultra-successful Business owner and now a Billionaire. 

There is another really nice article written by Kathleen Chaykowski and Mark Coatney which explains the whole story in detail.

For those of us who work with ServiceNow, we have to be grateful for the foresight, innovation and passion of the people like Fred Luddy who are making this possible.

ServiceNow, currently employees over 6000 people and with a thriving ecosystem of partners, 3rd party suppliers, the companies who are going through their Digitalisation programmes have a great company to partner with.

That’s what the 4000+ customers, including 850 of the worlds top 2000 companies have already done. With a renewal rate of 98% it’s fair to conclude they’re satisfied and happy with the platform, one which is only getting better.

As a Silver Services Partner, Bronze Sales Partner and Accredited Training Partner, the SPOC team are happy to be part of this story and we’re excited about what the future holds!

Well done to Fred Luddy and everyone at ServiceNow who has made this possible.