One of the most interesting aspects of working with the ServiceNow Platform must be the countless possibilities to create solutions to alleviate problems or challenges you have.

Of course, a large aspect of this is having the knowledge and skills to harness the functionalities within the platform. However, when necessary it’s possible to use code to create the functionality you need.

Development Code ServiceNow

We thought it would be good to get feedback from members of the SPOC technical team on which features of the platform they like and are looking forward to seeing in the upcoming releases.

Rather than cover everything in one go, the idea is to break this down into a couple of small articles. We hope you enjoy it.

The First Session with Tomasz

Tomasz ServiceNow Technical Consultant SPOC

Tomasz is one of SPOC’s leading consultants. He is loved by the companies he works with for his knowledge of ServiceNow and logical approach to difficult tasks.

Some of the standout applications Tomasz has worked on include, Interview Scheduling and Employee Productivity.

Below is a brief description of Tomasz’s top picks and a link to ServiceNow Documentation for further reading.

Flow Designer & Integration Hub

This certainly promises to be cool. Currently, there is too little developed to replace the current Workflow Tool but ultimately it probably will replace it and perhaps even Orchestration.

The natural language programming of the flow designer means this function really broadens the potential for Process Owners and SME’s to create solutions and automate tasks.

The flow designer can be used in combination with the Integration Hub. A solution to support integrations with other instances and applications outside ServiceNow. This allows ServiceNow to drive the entire process.

ServiceNow Flow Designer

What I like is that it brings together functions from the platform into one interface. This means that the workflows can be created and worked on in one area, sounds obvious but it’s really helpful.

Interactive Dashboards

(Related and not related to performance analytics). Dashboards are like the homepages in ServiceNow. They are great, you can create individual ones for users, with reports and graphs for them to get quick insights into information important to them.

The dashboards are dynamic, which means as you select certain information, other information changes accordingly.

An example would be a Service Owner wants to see the incidents related to their service – They click on ‘High Priority’ and the other fields, such as ‘Open / Closed’ SLA Information etc will dynamically alter.

ServiceNow Performance Analytics Dashboard

You can easily add new content, move and organize it etc. It’s very simple and I’m sure it will be well received by Business Users.

Service Portal – Past, Present & Future

The SP has come a long way since the CMS and the difficulties (and pain) with Jelly Scripts. The improvements are not stopping and the SP will become even better over the upcoming releases.

Some of the highlights I like are :

  • User Specific Information – hide and show widgets and information depending on the User’s Criteria. This is ideal as users can be shown only the information that’s important and relevant to them.
  • Separately branded portals available. (Only really relevant for the Domain Separated environments) This will enable the Business to easily create separate portals with specific information to that company, without having to recreate the whole thing? I’ve actually had to do this manually recently and it took a lot of time and effort to get the same effect of what will be available in future releases.
  • In ServiceNow circles, there is the thought that the Service portal is going to be based ultimately on Angular and React. You could potentially have the choice to use one or both. This is basically the way the User Interface will be created. What’s important is that the UI’s will be interactive and the page will render as the user is navigating around, which could improve performance and speed.

ServiceNow Service Portal

Thank you to Tomasz for sharing his thoughts about what’s great with ServiceNow.

In upcoming posts, we will be introducing some other great features available on the platform and the reasons why they’re loved by the techies.

If you have any questions or topics you would like to discuss with the technical team, please reach out.


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