ServiceNow’s Artifical Intelligence

As 2019 gets underway, one area of Technology that is high on the conversation list is Artificial Intelligence (AI). ServiceNow’s Artificial Intelligence is a module that uses Machine Learning to help Businesses deliver services swiftly and successfully.

Krzysztof from SPOC’s ServiceNow Support Desk offers his thoughts on the value AI can bring.

ServiceNow is Getting Smarter

As a service desk agent, I want to be able to resolve issues as fast and efficiently as possible. Every day we receive a lot of tasks that need to be done. Agent Intelligence for the NowPlatfrom (available from Kingston release) is something that will be able to facilitate our work. It uses machine learning to automatically categorize, route and prioritize issues. As Agent Intelligence learns from patterns in historical data, it becomes increasingly accurate in its predictive recommendations.

ServiceNow Agent Intelligence Benefits

As shown in the diagram, there are three main areas where Agent Intelligence will help me and other Service Desk Agents complete their work:

AI – Automatic Categorization

Agent Intelligence uses the power of machine learning to automatically categorize tasks and incidents based on a requester’s short description of an issue.

Automatic categorization improves the requester and fulfiller experience and productivity, with accurate, first‑time predictions for the correct assignment group to handle the task. It also provides an easy way to monitor prediction accuracy.

ServiceNow research found that over 40% of IT service desk agents categorize incidents to 100+ assignment groups – with nearly 25% having 300+ assignment groups. Automating this process is going to save a lot of time and reduce the number of times a ticket is reassigned. High reassignment is something which slows the process of resolving a ticket, impacting on the satisfaction of the requestor.

AI – Automatic Routing

With the power of Agent Intelligence, incidents can be automatically directed to the correct agent. It happens nearly instantly and with fewer errors when comparing to a manual process. Another push towards and improved experience for the requestor, as their wait time is shortened further.

AI- Automatic Prioritization

The most severe and business-critical issues should be resolved first. Agent Intelligence’s machine learning capabilities understand the priority of the issue. This is based on the short description by the user and eliminates the need for manually understanding and prioritizing the cases. This allows the business to focus on key issues quicker, preventing unnecessary downtime.

The impact of Agent Intelligence on my work

In the Service Desk, we have many people with diverse skills and experience in different fields. It means that some of us feel better when working with the front-end or back-end, CMDB or Discovery etc…

Automatic Categorization and Routing can assign the right tasks to the right people. This saves a lot of time, which we can spend on finding solutions. We also don’t want to miss any really important tasks, so the Automatic Prioritization is another tool which could help us in this matter.

The applications from ServiceNow are constantly improving and these tools will become smarter and more effective in the future.

As mentioned at the start, we always try to do our jobs as efficiently as possible and deliver high-quality solutions. Software that can help us with these tasks is welcomed by us!

SPOC’s Service Desk Provides ServiceNow Support for a range of Now Platform users including Veolia. To find out more about this service read this article