Software Asset Management (SAM) is a really important service in ITSM, IBTM and ITOM processes. SerivceNow had a great SAM plug-in since long time, but the need for more enhanced features was faster. As a lightspeed company, ServiceNow created an entirely new Software Asset Management module to meet new customer’s and market’s needs. SAM module cooperates closely with the Discovery, Orchestration and CMDB to support asset management strategic operations. So, Software Asset Management helps company to ascend to the new quality level.

This innovative module has new amazing functionalities which can revolutionize your company approach to asset management and licenses management. Software Assets Management is more complicated than hardware assets management due to the fact of difficult software licensing models. Software used in companies can be open-source or self-developed, so it’s free, but most of used ones are expensive. It’s necessary to control this expensive software usage, to be sure than our company does not waste the money. New SAM module improves efficiency of licenses assignment, supports verification of fulfillment license agreements, and allows to adjust licensing model to the company needs. After internal licenses control with the SAM module we can decide to reassign or retrieve licenses. Weak control of the licenses assignment can lead to the vendor audit and financial consequences because of non-compliance mistakes.

SAM plug-in delivers just basic framework which helps to discover and follow software assets. New solution has capabilities to make analyzes in which compares used and owned assets with vendor agreements. By using the old SAM module, is impossible to make this analyzes. If client wants them, he needs to integrate ServiceNow with external SAM system, to develop their own solution or to use Excel spreadsheets. Therefore, implementing new ServiceNow SAM module is easier, it does not need integration with other systems and costs of maintenance the other software is excluded. Key advantage is that ServiceNow SAM module is one, complex solution which support management of whole software asset lifecycle. It does not only can find the problem but also assist in their resolution process.

Additional functionalities of new ServiceNow SAM module:

  • Software Product Library
  • Normalization Engine
  • Entitlement Library
  • Reclamation workflow
  • Software Usage Optimization
  • Actionable Reconciliation Results
  • Microsoft Complex Licensing
  • Oracle Complex Licensing
  • Software Asset Analytics

What was in ServiceNow SAM plug-in?

  • Basic Reconciliation
  • Basic Reporting/Dashboards
  • Integration with Discovery
  • Integration with Procurement

Of course, all functionalities which were in SAM plug-in are available in the SAM module!

New SAM module starts from recognizing if the software exists in the company`s network.  When there is found any software installed, variations are normalized based on a library information to interpret primary licenses amounts. After they are compared with vendor contracts. If some incompatibilities exist, system automatically starts basic remediation actions. Next step is optimization of software usage, retrieving not used licenses. Afterword’s is possible to make analysis of all software assets, software assets usage, licenses amount. This analysis help asset managers to had better manage the software asset portfolio, allowing for discovering tendencies and other important information. All of this by suppling full, actual data and helpful tips. Is also possible to integrate SAM module with Service Catalog and Demand modules to enable assets or licenses requesting by users in ServiceNow and make process of assets or licenses granting automated.

What we receive through implementing ServiceNow SAM module:

  • Very meaningful normalization of software assets
  • Automated solving process for basic problems with licenses (reclamation, removing unused software)
  • Effective licenses disposal
  • Automated compliance purchasing beginning
  • Possibility to start in easy way with Oracle and Microsoft Publisher Packs for server software