This short article will show you how you can easily test inbound e-mail actions in ServiceNow, without access to an external email (for example email of a client) or without having to send an email from your mailbox.

  1. First, to go to System Mailboxes -> Inbox in the navigator.ServiceNow Navigation Bar
  2. Now we go into a received email of your choice and export the .xml file of it:Exporting XML File in ServiceNow
  3. Now we open the .xml file with the editor of your choice (I prefer notepad++ for such tasks) and go to the end of the file:Notepad Used for ServiceNow Code Review
  4. There we can change all the variables we need to be different for our script. The next step is to import the .xml into the ServiceNow inbox. It’s a little finicky because you have to right click between the title of columns and choose 'Import XML' from the menu:Importing the XLS File into ServiceNow
  5. Now you go to that mail and just click Reprocess UI Action:Reprocessing the e-mail in ServiceNow
  6. After a while in the Email Log we can see all of the inbound actions triggered by our email:ServiceNow e-mail Log

That’s the pro way of testing inbound email actions, but you can still edit the variables from email form if you choose. I found that method less reliable than editing it in a text editor and importing it into the inbox.

I hope you found this small tutorial helpful 🙂