Service Desks providing International support have a difficult task to assist users who may be dotted around the Globe.

The Business has a couple of options to help –

  1. Employ multilingual staff to support end-users as and when required
  2. Leverage technology, automating translation requirements

The first option may be preferred if the number of translation requirements is high enough. However, it can be an expensive and inefficient way to help multiple locations, using a variety of languages.

The second option can speed up response time as any member of the support team can help. It’s more efficient which means the Business can spend time on service improvement rather than fighting fires.

To leverage the ServiceNow platform, SPOC has developed a simple solution which integrates seamlessly into your existing ServiceNow instance.

How does the solution work? 

The Application is added to your Instance and becomes part of the Incident Application. (Or others if required)

  1. Self-Service

Users can access the service portal in their native language to get help with the problem they’re facing.

2. Create Ticket 

A User would raise an incident via the Self Service Portal, in their own language. (In our case French)

3. Translate Ticket

The Service Desk receives the ticket and simply translates the message into their own language. In this case French to English.

4. Respond To Ticket

Once the Service Desk has resolved the issue and has a response for the user, they would create a message from the ticket, simply translating it before pressing send.

It’s really that straightforward. The solution allows the Service Desk to work in the same way they normally would but with a few clicks, they can provide support worldwide, regardless of the language of the end user.

Features of the solution –

These 3 options give you full control over the fields and text to be translated. If required, there are additional enhancements which can be added to the solution to suit your requirements.

The solution is already in use with a number of SPOC’s customers. If you would like to find out more, please get in touch.

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