Versatile, and scalable; ServiceNow can be used as a solution to many Business process challenges.

The product portfolio from ServiceNow is constantly growing, as the Most Innovative Company of 2018 scales to meet the modern needs of Enterprise Management.

It’s important to know how and where to use the available modules and what functionality can be best suited for certain issues. The men and women who have this knowledge are invaluable during any implementation.

During this short series – What the Techies Make of the Tech, we are speaking with some of those people working at SPOC. Gaining insight into which aspects of the SN platform they like the most and are really interested in.

The Second Session with Igor

SPOC ServiceNow Developer: Igor

The second post in this series (read the first here)

Igor is an experienced ServiceNow Developer who has supported many companies with their platform improvements.

A true IT specialist who spends his work life and private time absorbed in computers, software and games.

At SPOC, some of the interesting projects Igor has worked on include:

  • Custom demand process for one of the biggest global furniture manufacturers.
    • This process was unique because the standard role/group based rights were set depending on Business Service settings.
  • Custom incident/request process with non-standard options for one of the biggest IT companies in Luxembourg.
    • Admins could configure errors and phrases connected to Business Service, allowing for a  much easier incident assignment.
  • Highly customised Service Portal for an invoice process.
    • An interesting challenge to do fully customised, multilevel cost calculations that could be easily adjusted
  • Custom Assist Management Process
    • Included an advanced location/ positioning configuration, developed for one of the biggest Consulting Companies in the world.

We spoke to Igor and below you can see a summary of his favourite aspects of ServiceNow.

Where relevant, you can follow the links on the headings to read further documentation from ServiceNow.


I recently completed a ServiceNow Discovery Training and I had the chance to deep dive into this topic.

On the training, we had access to an infrastructure prepared by SN. You could test everything without problems and I got a great look at the possibilities of the application.

Discovery is a product on ServiceNow that searches the infrastructure of an organisation for devices. Anything that has a network interface can be discovered.

You can find:
  • What software is installed on the devices or computers
  • The Operating System
  • Dependencies – I.E a program runs on a given server, it’s connected to a database on another server. You can show what may be affected if something goes down.
  • Available Memory
  • Information about hardware and device model 

The information which is found is used to populate the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Discovering this in ServiceNow means users don’t need to run any external software to populate the CMDB, which acts as the single source of truth for an organisation; holding date about Configuration Items, Assets, Services etc.

Overview of the Discovery Application ServiceNow

Edge Encryption

A network encryption system, which encrypts and decrypts sensitive data as it travels between a companies' data centre and the ServiceNow cloud.

Imagine data leaving your browser and going to ServiceNow. The data marked for encryption passes through a form of a gateway and is encrypted before reaching ServiceNow.

This process happens in reverse, decrypting the data as it’s travelling from ServiceNow back to the browser.

ServiceNow does not hold the encryption keys, they are within your network. This means that the sensitive data you’re trying to protect can’t be read outside of your network.

ServiceNow Edge Encryption Visual Overview

Integration Hub & Flow Designer

New functionality in Kingston, responsible for creating workflows and making integrations. It’s so powerful and straightforward it spooks!

With Flow Designer, you can create your own logic and flows and easily share them with other users. Integrating these with external instances or third party applications.

What is a flow?

An automated process running on ServiceNow started by a trigger event, such as when Item X is ordered from the Catalogue, Trigger Flow Y.

The sequence can contain a number of actions, such as creating tickets, asking for approval etc…

You can also create custom flows or integrations as applications and make them available to others through the ServiceNow Store. This means anybody can use them as simple OOTB blocks for workflows.

I think Flow Designer will replace the existing Workflow Tool and Business Rules in the future. Flow designer is much more graphical, and the drag and drop functionality is perfect for those less technical.

These are some of the picks that Igor likes about ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Technology

As with the comments from Tomasz in the 1st article – Flow Designer & Integration Hub has been highlighted as a great addition to the ServiceNow offering.

In upcoming posts, we will be introducing some other great features available on the platform and the reasons why they’re loved by the techies.

If you have any questions or topics you would like to discuss with the technical team, please reach out.


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