In 2017, we live in a world full of challenges, a place where technology is playing a vital role. Everything moves fast and we expect our services to be no different.  Who else can help deliver these services better than ServiceNow, a company dedicated to innovation. ServiceNow’s lightspeed offering, allows customers to deliver improved experience across the Enterprise.  Over recent years, ServiceNow has gained a great reputation and a huge market share. Their holistic offering allows every company to implement something in their Enterprise and Business Environment, that will revolutionise the way they work.Each year there is a place where you can be part of the ServiceNow experience and find out first, what the newest revelation will be. That’s at the yearly ‘Knowledge Event’.

Knowledge 2017 (K17) is the biggest event to be organised  by ServiceNow thus far. K17 will take place in Orlando Florida, on 7-11 May 2017. Considered the place of flowers, Orlando will welcome more then 15000+ people, all gathered together for a purpose.

For the first time, the Knowledge Event will focus on 6 specialist areas: ITSM, Customer Services, HR, Security, Business Applications & CreatorCon.  From ITSM to Business Apps,  ServiceNow will deliver not just services, but full and complete solutions relating to 6 domains. This change will give attendees more flexibility and area specific information, making the event even more valuable.

Let’s look why we should think of ServiceNow as a lightspeed company. What is new? What to expect?


1 – ITSM

Starting with ITSM, the customers will discover how to deliver a single, cloud-based ITSM platform with Modern IT Service Management.

There will be around 90 sessions to discuss topics as:

Another category in ITSM will be: Eliminate Services Outages, where you will discover how to take your IT operations management game to the next level.  Topics, which will be covered in 47 sessions include:

Performance and reliability of our systems is something that concerns all of us. Performance is a key factor and success measurement for each business and platform. K17’s 29 sessions will be dedicated to the optimization of performance and prioritization of resources, using Real-Time Performance Analytics.

There will be big discussions in topics such as:

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2 – Customer Service

The cost of delivering service is skyrocketing, while customer satisfaction is at an all‑time low. Managing customers and cases with CRM isn’t enough. With ServiceNow, you can deliver effortless service to increase customer satisfaction while proactively reducing case volumes and costs. Connect departments, workflows, and systems, resolve underlying issues and automate service across the enterprise.

The topics that will be discussed in this section relate to: How to resolve customer issues and will include:

In addition, people will discuss how to take advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) to pinpoint and resolve issues before customers call. Identify trends, send pre-emptive customer communications, and align contracts with customer product or service performance.

bigstock-Human-Resources-And-Crm-47313025-13 – HR Service Delivery

Today’s workforce expects consumer‑grade service experiences. With ServiceNow, you can make it easy for employees, to be employees by providing fast, personalized, and ever‑improving levels of service; even for workflows that span beyond HR.

When this happens, employee productivity and satisfaction will rise, and so will HR’s reputation.

Knowledge portals, along with automated case management, allow each service agent to be more efficient and support more employees.  Some of the topics relating to HR will be:

security4 – Security

Industries invest huge amount of money to rely on a secure system and to protect their data. ServiceNow offers a highly innovative and intelligent solution and at K17, customers will discover how to build an enterprise security response program using Security Operations.

ServiceNow allows you to bring incident data from your security tools into a structured response engine that uses intelligent workflows, automation, and a deep connection with IT to prioritize and resolve threats based on the impact and priority.

Using orchestration, you will be able to build fast remediation tasks and improve performance with service metrics. Some of the topics, relating to Security will be:

BusinessAppslications_clip_image0015 – Business Apps

Building and developing applications in a traditional way, can’t meet the requirements of today’s fast-moving digital businesses. That’s why choosing ServiceNow is the right thing to do.

ServiceNow provides a single, mobile and web application development platform to quickly build business apps at lightspeed that power your digital transformation. This platform will deliver modern User Interface and Experience. Experience that will go mobile and will drive productivity.

Components that you build may be reused repeatedly to deliver incremental value with each new application you develop. K17 will focus on this track by delivering topics like:

ServiceNow_K17_CreatorConLanding_1280_Benefit2.jpg.imgw.720.7206 – CreativeCon

CreatorCon is the ultimate developers destination within K17. It’s the perfect place to get hands‑on with the latest and greatest on the ServiceNow Platform, with 80+ technical demo‑led breakout sessions and hands‑on workshops for developers and architects of all levels.



You can even up your dev cred by taking a free ServiceNow Certification exam on‑site!

Here’s what’s happening at the Developer Hub:

This article is an overview of where ServiceNow is today and where it’s preparing to go. Approaching more and more products and solutions, which are focused on transforming the way we work.

In the next article will be talking about  the new Jakarta release.

Keep visiting our blog for increasingly interesting topics related to ServiceNow and ITSM.

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